Expert Payroll & HRIS Consulting

Houlbrooke payroll specialist and consultancy services offer streamlined payroll auditing, compliance and implementation expertise.

Houlbrooke Group, a renowned New Zealand consultancy with 30+ years of expertise in payroll and HR management, offers tailored advisory and technical services, including compliance, remediation, and HRIS deployment.

Streamlined Payroll Processing

We simplify and streamline the payroll process, reducing errors and increasing efficiency.

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Customisable Solutions

We offer customisable payroll solutions that are tailored to each client’s unique needs and requirements, providing personalized support and guidance.

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Compliance and Regulations Expertise

We have the expertise to meet compliance with all relevant regulations and laws, mitigating risk and reducing potential legal issues.

Elevate your business with tailored payroll and HRIS consulting to meet compliance and drive efficiency.


Holidays Act Compliance

Remediation Strategy

Support and Guidance

HRIS Consulting

Fit for Purpose Solutions

Compliance with Obligations

Better Reporting and Integration


Planning and Analysis

System Configuration and Integration

Training, Rollout, and Support

Our Team

Our dedicated team of professionals employ a customer-centric approach, utilizing leading solutions and industry best practices to deliver quality outcomes that cater to each client’s unique needs.

Barbara Houlbrooke, Principal Consultant

Barbara has 40 years of experience in various industries, specializing in Payroll and HRIS consultancy.

Barbara’s successful background spans management accounting, information systems, and payroll processing. She has a proven track record in the audit and remediation of Holidays Acts compliance, as well as setting up systems to correctly calculate the requirements. Her diverse assignments in commercial and industrial sectors keep her expertise current and comprehensive.

Barbara Houlbrooke holds a BCom from Otago University, is a Chartered Accountant, and a Member of the NZ Payroll Practitioners Institute.

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