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A powerful Payroll and HRIS

Organisations that are employing a number of people will be faced with challenges in building systems to meet compliance needs in relation to statutory obligations, such as the current income tax and holiday pay legislation, but also the needs for business information and corporate policy decisions.

These matters require the right sizing and right investment to ensure the organisation or business has the tool that serves them best.

System replacement or upgrade

The first step is to understand the problem and to decide on the process to be undertaken.  If the current system is unworkable as a future solution, then replacement will be required.   The nature and scope of requirements will need to be documented, and at the same time a survey of available options be considered.  This later step will have a broad scope but once requirements are agreed be narrowed for feasibility and budget.

If the software currently in use is effective but lacking in certain aspects that are rectified then an upgrade process needs to be planned.  Upgrades have factors to be addressed in respect of data updates and conversion testing, and the likely impact on paying employees.


Houlbrooke Payroll & HRIS have the knowledge, tools, and processes to help businesses complete this type of assignment.  This may be a software upgrade or the full implementation of a new platform, whatever the initiative or size and type of business we can provide the right guidance and support the implementation to a successful outcome.


  • Consulting
  • Software and Vendor Selection
  • Project Management
  • Software Implementation
  • Data Conversion Strategy and Testing

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